Effective Access Control for Your Building

An access control system gives business owners and landlords control over who can enter their buildings. Essentially, the system can be as simple as only the main entrance. Or, it can be installed throughout a building and control access to individual rooms and elevators. So, each employee or tenant will carry a personalised key card or fob or use a PIN code to access the building. Plus, these devices will be programmed to open only particular doors. Moreover, the central database can easily change access at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, each entry must be fitted with electronic hardware to recognise access credentials. Ultimately, the system is incredibly convenient and flexible. So, which sort of access control is best for your building?

The Main Access Control Models

Different access models essentially balance security and convenience needs.

Discretionary (DAC): Discretionary Access Control has minimum restrictions. Generally, DAC allows multiple personnel within an organisation to control who enters the property.
Mandatory (MAC): Mandatory is the strictest protocol. Consequently, this system is best suited to high-security operations. As such, only one system admin is allowed to control permissions.
Role-Based (RBAC): In a role-based system, users are given access levels depending on their position within the organisation.

Components of an Access System

Although there are different entry control systems, they all share common elements.

Control Panel:
The control panel manages permissions and user information. The control panel can be a physical unit or software-based and accessed via cloud computing.
Electronic readers are installed on either side of the entrance. It accesses a user’s credentials, transmits the data to the central database and access is granted or denied.
Access credentials come in various forms. For instance, they can be key cards or key fobs, smartphones, or fingerprints.
Door Release:
Each entry must have an electronic door release mechanism.

If you’re interested in the extra security and convenience of an Access Control System, chat with our skilled team at Harbour Fire and Security today.

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Effective Access Control for Your Building

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