Data Cabling

Data Cabling

At Harbour Fire & Security

We Are Experts In Data Cabling.

All our technicians hold valid cabling licenses that qualify them to work with all types of cables and wiring and are specially trained to constantly keep up to date with the latest cabling standards and products.

Data Cabling - Harbour Fire & Security - Coffs Harbour

We Install All Your Data Cabling Without Any Fuss And Minimal Disruption

and can provide custom and personalised solutions for your needs. Our technicians can competently handle office and commercial spaces that require large amounts of data cabling and long cables throughout the building. We install professionally structured cabling and terminate existing ones. Our cable installations are done to the highest standards to ensure reliable and superior performance of network speed and bandwidth.

We can install and terminate:

  • CAT6 and CAT6A cabling (Molex certified)
  • Data cabling testing
  • Fibre optic cabling:
  • Multimode (OM3 and OM4)
  • Single mode (OS1 and OS2)
  • CCTV data cabling
  • Phone cabling