Understanding Electronic Access Control Systems

Electronic Access Control systems (EAC) are a way of efficiently controlling access to premises. Businesses or organisations install EAC’s to prevent vandalism, trespassing, and theft. EAC also provides a high level of security and control. Moreover, Electronic Access Control provides ultimate flexibility compared to the most basic access control, such as a lock and key. For instance, with EAC, businesses can control who, when and how an employee or visitor can access their building or areas within the building. So, what are the main elements of an Electronic Access Control system?

The Key Elements of Electronic Access Control

Access Point – This refers to the entry point where access is needed. Moreover, access points include security gates, turnstiles, main entrances and lift access.

Personal Credentials – Personal credentials tell a system who is attempting to gain entry. EAC examples of credentials include keycards, mobile credentials, PIN codes and passwords.

Readers and/or Keypads – These are positioned at the access points. Readers send data to the control panel for verification and authorisation. In addition, biometric and keypad users will complete a code or scan (fingerprint, facial ID, or retina)

Access Control Server – Stores access privileges, data, and audit logs. This server may be onsite or cloud-based.

Things to Consider when Choosing EAC

Electronic Access Control systems are constantly evolving. In fact, more and more sophisticated features are appearing primarily due to the integration of mobile phone technology. So, one crucial decision you’ll have to make early on when budgeting for an EAC system is the type of credentials you’ll utilise. From a budget perspective, keycards may be the obvious choice. This is because they are inexpensive to create and low cost to replace. However, remember that a lost keycard can represent a security threat. Ultimately, for the best in value and security, consider mobile credentials. Mobile credentials provide your visitor or employees with the convenience of using their mobile to enter the building. Furthermore, they even have multi-factor biometric authentication built-in.

If you’re considering an Electronic Access Control system for your premises, call our friendly team at Harbour Fire & Security today.

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Understanding Electronic Access Control Systems

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