Do You Need Emergency Light Testing?

Building owners and managers will be aware of their obligation to test their building’s fire alarm system regularly. However, some may not be aware of the regulations regarding emergency light testing. With that in mind, all responsible parties for the maintenance, ongoing service, and compliance of emergency lighting installations must follow the Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS2293 – exit and emergency lighting for buildings. This document lists the full range of checks and procedures required for building compliance. So, what are the requirements for emergency light testing?

Emergency Light Testing Regulations

AS/NZS2293.2 outlines the Routine Service and Maintenance tasks that must be undertaken and recorded on a six-monthly, 12 monthly and ten yearly basis. This is to ensure that the system operates correctly as per the installed design.

What is Emergency Light Testing?

Emergency light testing is a regular examination and test of all the emergency lights in your building. Moreover, the objective is to maintain a safe working environment and ensure your systems operate to code. Also, routine tests can be manual or automated. A standard test includes the following tasks:

  • Cleaning of exit signs and diffusers
  • Inspection for damage
  • 90-minute duration test as required by the regs
  • Test battery function and battery life
  • Inspections of replacement fittings to ensure they comply with the original design
  • Check directional arrows follow the original design
  • Review maintenance and service records to ensure faults have been rectified

Risks of Not Testing

Neglecting regular testing may result in equipment malfunction during an emergency. In addition, emergency lighting and exit signs are crucial to guide your staff and visitors out of your building in a timely and safe manner. So, not only would you be risking a hefty fine, but you may also be putting people’s safety at risk.

If you need your fire alarm or emergency lighting system inspected, maintained or serviced, talk to our friendly team at Harbour Fire & Security today.

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Do You Need Emergency Light Testing

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