What to Expect During a Fire Alarm Inspection

An annual fire alarm inspection is crucial to maintain the safety of your employees and customers. In NSW, an annual system inspection and the creation of an Annual Fire Safety Report is mandatory. The report must comply with the BCA (Building Code of Australia), AS1851-2012, the OH&S Act, and the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 2000. In short, as a business or building owner, you must ensure your systems and procedures are fully compliant. So, preparing for your annual inspection is critical. Let’s discuss what you can expect and how you can best be prepared.

What is Included with a Fire Alarm Inspection

Essentially, a qualified technician will thoroughly inspect and test all the components of your fire alarm system. This includes the wall-mounted alarm stations and any smoke and heat detectors. Also, the correct operation of the alarm control panel and ensure it’s charged.

Fire Alarm Inspection Process

Before any testing can begin, ensure you have the alarm system set to Test mode. This is the responsibility of your representative, not the technician. Furthermore, you’ll need to appoint a representative to walk through the entire system location with the fire alarm tech. Next, because the inspection will cause the fire alarm to sound, you must warn the building’s occupants of the impending inspection. In fact, the tech will be activating the alarm buttons and testing the detectors; therefore, expect frequent alarms!

The Importance of Using Qualified Professionals

Although these systems may seem simple, they contain complex components, and things can fail. This is why contracting qualified technicians is crucial. After all, the consequences of not spotting the tiniest malfunction could be disastrous. Plus, businesses can receive large fines for non-compliance with fire regulations.

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What to Expect During a Fire Alarm Inspection

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