Fire Alarm System Basics: 4 Levels of Protection

Let’s look at some fire alarm system basics. Even though every commercial building has a fire alarm system, not many of us know how they work or what to expect from them. Essentially, a fire alarm is the first line of defence against a fire. It’s the early warning system that alerts you to the danger of fire so that you can take action. However, your fire alarm does more than that. In fact, almost all fire alarms bring four levels of protection to help keep your building and its occupants safe. These are: fire detection, creating an alert, managing risks, and notifying the emergency services.

1. Fire Alarm System – Fire Detection

Fire alarms detect the danger of fire from smoke and heat. In addition, they are usually equipped with a manual emergency switch in case the fire is spotted before the sensors react.

2. Alert Occupants

When the sensors detect smoke or heat, they will automatically alert the occupants of the building via audible and visual means. These alerts are designed to be loud, bright and impossible to ignore. In fact, they should be obnoxious enough that people are motivated to move away from them and evacuate the building.

3. Managing Risks with a Fire Alarm System

Fire alarms can add a third layer of protection by managing risks. For example, some systems will trigger tasks that will help prevent the spread of fire and smoke. So, fire doors can be automatically closed, AC and ventilation ducts can be shut down, and lifts can be moved to designated levels.

4. Contact Emergency Services

The fourth purpose of your fire alarm is to immediately contact the fire department. After all, a rapid response can save lives and property.

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Fire Alarm System Basics - 4 Levels of Protection

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