The Importance of Fire Alarm Systems  

Hundreds of lives are saved every year due to having fire alarm systems installed. Saving lives and property are the most critical reasons businesses and building owners must prioritise full fire alarm system installation. Alarms alert employees, customers, and tenants to evacuate and escape the fire. Moreover, a combination of smoke and heat detectors, sirens and bells, and strobe lights warn occupants of a fire, giving them a sufficient warning to evacuate the premises safely. A certified NSW fire alarm service company can help building owners and managers select the appropriate fire alarm equipment and set-up.

Fire Alarms Alert Occupants and the Fire Service

By informing those with authority to act, alarm systems can reduce the amount of property damage. In addition, everyone is automatically alerted by fire alarms when a fire has started, allowing onlookers, visitors, or on-site workers to act quickly. Trained individuals can use fire extinguishers to put out the blaze, plus other residents can call for help from emergency responders. Also, fire alarms can activate an automatic fire sprinkler system.

Regulations Governing Fire Alarms

In NSW, smoke alarms are a legal requirement. For residences, fitting is mandatory at every level. This regulation includes owner-occupied residences, rental properties, relocatable dwellings, trailers and campervans, as well as any other dwelling where people sleep. In addition, AS1670 covers fire detection systems for Commercial buildings. Be aware that non-compliance with these regulations can attract heavy fines and prosecution.

Fire Alarm System Maintenance and Inspection

Installing a fire detection system alone is insufficient. Fire alarms, like other fire prevention equipment, require routine inspection and testing to ensure proper operation in the case of a fire. A system malfunction can delay the response of occupants and emergency personnel. In addition, without adequate alarm testing and inspection, the alarm may disrupt operations due to a false alarm or its inability to activate. In other words, defective fire alarm systems can put people’s lives at risk.

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The Importance of Fire Alarm Systems

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