How to Protect Fire Equipment From Theft, Tampering and Vandalism

In the event of a fire, you must be able to count on your fire extinguishers as the initial line of defence. Not having functional equipment could spell disaster. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain portable fire equipment, such as extinguishers, in an optimal state. In recent times, however, fire equipment vandalism and tampering have increased, notably in NSW. So, this article outlines practical ways to prevent such misuse to ensure the reliability of your equipment when it’s needed the most. Let’s dive in.

Importance of Intact Anti-tamper Pins

Fire extinguishers come equipped with anti-tamper pins designed to prevent accidental discharges. To keep the pins secure, there’s a tamper seal that ties it to the handle. Whilst the pins’ absence doesn’t directly affect the extinguisher’s operation, it indicates interference and compromises regulatory compliance with Australian Standards. This prompts re-inspection and additional costs to the business owner.

Preventing Fire Equipment Vandalism and Tampering

One fundamental rule is to mount your extinguishers securely to walls. Extra measures include investing in an anti-theft stopper, a tamper-proof device emitting a loud alarm when tampered with. Ideally suited for populated areas, the stopper discourages potential vandals without obstructing legitimate access.

Moreover, consider placing your fire extinguishers in lockable cabinets or covers. This simple step places an additional hurdle between the equipment and potential vandals, dissuading unethical behaviours.

Finally, don’t forget to regularly engage professionals for fire risk assessments, which can identify if any of your fire equipment has been tampered with, ensuring all fire extinguishers meet standard regulations.

Risks of Ineffective Fire Extinguishers

The significance of these steps becomes evident considering the consequences of having compromised fire equipment. Damaged fire extinguishers can result in uncontrolled blazes, potentially leading to fatalities.

The seriousness of this offence isn’t lost on the law either. Fire equipment vandalism is a legal offence, often resulting in financial penalties or prosecution.

There you have it, maintaining the reliability of your fire equipment is nothing short of paramount. And while we’ve laid out a few straightforward measures to protect your fire devices from theft, tampering and vandalism, regular compliance checks are essential too. Ultimately, when it comes to fire safety, being proactive could mean the difference between a minor incident and a major catastrophe.

If you’d like to discuss portable fire equipment protection, maintenance or inspection, please chat with our friendly team at Harbour Fire & Security today.

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How to Protect Fire Equipment From Theft, Tampering and Vandalism

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