8 Common Fire Hazards in the Workplace

Workplace fires are devastating. Every year in Australia, they tragically claim about 100 lives and cause over 3,000 injuries. For the hardworking businesses in Coffs Harbour, being aware of the fire hazards can save lives and livelihoods. So, let’s walk through 8 common fire hazards at work so you can protect your team and your business.

1. Fire Hazards – Clutter Can Be Dangerous

A messy workplace is more than just unsightly – it’s a fire waiting to happen. Clutter can easily catch fire and even hinder escape efforts. Keep your space clean. Store flammables in a safe spot and always clear your exits.

2. Trash Adds Fuel to Fire

Paper, cardboard, and other rubbish can turn a small spark into a fire. Make it a point to get rid of waste often and keep it far from work areas.

3. Respect Flammable Liquids

Stocks of flammable liquids demand respect and caution. Use tools that won’t cause sparks. Keep oily rags in metal containers with lids. And don’t forget that these liquids need room to breathe—good airflow keeps fumes from building up.

4. Don’t Ignore Dust

Dust might seem harmless, but it’s a fire risk, especially when it comes from wood, plastic, or metal. Stop dust-related fires before they start: keep your equipment dust-free.

5. Keep an Eye on Electricals

Faulty electrical equipment is a frequent fire starter. Watch out for the tell-tale signs like damaged wires. Only a pro should fix these issues, so get regular inspections to stay safe.

6. One Plug, One Socket

Overloading a socket is something we’ve all done, but try not to. It’s a quick route to overheating and fires. The rule to remember is just one plug per outlet.

7. Smart Smoking Areas

Those little cigarette ends? They’re fire starters. Ensure smoking areas are away from anything that can burn. And always have a place for smokers to safely toss their butts.

8. We All Make Mistakes

People make mistakes, and sometimes that leads to fire—like spilling a drink on a computer. Regular fire safety training can help staff avoid these slip-ups.

Knowing what to look out for can help you take action against fire hazards. If you need advice or a fire safety evaluation, contact Harbour Fire & Security. We are here to help.

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8 Common Fire Hazards in the Workplace

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