Small Business Fire Safety Tips

The effects of fire on companies can be devastating, destroying livelihoods and harming the community. They may also result in a considerable loss of stock, income, and productivity. In addition, a fire may, in tragic circumstances, cause loss of life, injury, unemployment, and bankruptcy. Therefore, it is crucial to take action to keep your workplace safe and reduce the risk of fire in your company. Furthermore, employers are responsible for employees and visitors while on your property or performing a service provided by your company. So, use this Fire Safety checklist and your Business Continuity Plan to prepare your company for a fire.

Fire Safety Tips for Small Businesses

  1. Create an Emergency Evacuation Plan that outlines how employees should leave the office and where they should gather in case of an emergency. Display your emergency evacuation plan prominently, and run through it with your staff every six months. In addition, make sure the building manager conducts mock evacuations for all residents as part of your lease agreements if you live in a multi-tenanted building.
  2. Make sure your company has a fire alarm system appropriate for your small business. Ensure it is adequately maintained and functional, such as remote serviced alarm systems, thermal or smoke alarms, sprinkler systems etc.
  3. Fire extinguishers must be placed in a visible, easy-to-access area.
  4. Provide signage so that people can quickly locate fire apparatus and understand the kinds of fires it can be used on.
  5. Workers who might use fire equipment should receive training on how to use it. In addition, they must be aware of the appropriate fire extinguishers for each type of fire.
  6. Following a regular inspection and maintenance schedule can help avoid electrical fires. Moreover, keep electrical equipment from overloading and inspect it frequently for damage and faults.
  7. Storage or stockpiling of combustible items, such as packaging or debris, should be avoided in any location that visitors could access, including the area outside your business.

Business Continuity Tips

Plan for a quick recovery in the event of a fire at your business premises. To do this, you need a continuity plan. Your plan should include training staff on how to behave and what precautions to take if a fire occurs. Plus, ensure you have a backup for all computer records, off-site copies of customer databases, etc.

If you have concerns about your Fire Safety plan, equipment and facilities, contact our friendly Harbour Fire & Security team today.

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Small Business Fire Safety Tips

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