Should You Install An Intercom System?

We live in a fast-paced world with many technological innovations thanks to modern technology. One of these innovations is the intercom security system. Importantly, intercom systems have proven to be a significant benefit for home, office and business security. This remarkable device helps prevent intruders, vandals, and unwanted salespeople from entering a property. Plus, modern intercom systems are available with video and Wi-Fi and can do much more than monitor entrances. So, should you install an intercom system, and how would it work?

Why Install an Intercom System?

Safety: Avoid putting yourself in danger by leaving the building to see who is at the gate. Instead, check if it’s secure using the intercom system first. Train your staff not to open doors and to always check the intercom before acting. If required, an alarm can be set off in an emergency to notify everyone inside the building simultaneously.

Convenience: Do you need to send a message throughout the property quickly? Simply say it over the intercom. Plus, a smart door release system also allows you to open the door remotely. If you opt to let the visitor in, you may unlock the door from the comfort of your chair.

Screening: If a visitor knocks on the door, you can see and chat with them without wasting your time or putting yourself in danger, effectively keeping you in charge of any potential issues on your property.

The Smart upgrade: Your smart home and business appliances can be combined with the newest technologies. Lock doors, monitor different rooms, turn off the lights and AC, and even call the police using the panic alarm embedded into the system.

Wi-Fi or Wired?

Unless you want to install an intercom system into a new office, business or home build, you’ll probably want a Wi-Fi-enabled setup. Going wireless means a less intrusive and quicker installation. Plus, a Wi-Fi-enabled design is easily scalable further down the track.

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Should You Install An Intercom System

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