Security Advantages of Intercom Systems

Security is a significant concern for businesses in Australia. A modern intercom system can provide excellent protection against various security threats. Moreover, an intercommunication system is a highly effective security tool that can protect premises, personnel and other valuable assets. So, are you wondering if an intercom system is a good investment for your home or business? Then keep reading to discover the numerous benefits of investing in a system to increase the security of your property.

What is an Intercom System?

An intercom system is a secure two-way communication network allowing businesses to control access to their premises. Using an intercom system, companies can monitor who enters and leaves the premises, allowing them to quickly and easily detect intruders and prevent unwanted access.

Different Types of Intercommunication Systems

There are four main types of systems to consider, they are:
Hardwired systems are generally installed during home or building construction. Consequently, adding to an existing building can be expensive.
Wireless intercoms are easier to use and set up. They usually communicate via Wi-Fi or 4G data connections.
Carrier-current systems are cheaper than hardwired ones but may not provide as clear communication.
Mobile connection – if you prefer the convenience of a mobile connection, you can also invest in a system such as an Aiphone intercom you can control via an app on your phone.

Ultimately, it is essential to consider each type of system’s various features and costs to determine which best suits your needs.

Enhanced Security Features

Modern intercom systems offer a range of enhanced security features associated with access control. These features include various authentication methods such as RFID tags, barcodes and biometric scanners to increase the security of the premises further.

Video Intercom

Video intercommunication systems enhance security in any business, organisation or home. These systems allow you to see and hear whoever is at the entrance. This visual provides additional peace of mind and ensures you know who is coming and going. In addition, they offer an extra layer of security and business intelligence by allowing interaction with visitors and recording conversations easily.

To learn more about modern intercom systems and how they can enhance your business’s security, chat with our friendly team at Harbour Fire & Security today.


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Security Advantages of Intercom Systems

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