Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

Employees, Customers And Tenants

Can Expect Safety And Security.

We can help you explore a variety of intercom security and access control solutions for business environments, multi-tenant buildings and healthcare facilities.

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Harbour Fire & Security - Intercom Systems in Coffs Harbour

Modern intercom systems

Modern intercom systems do so much more than simply allow you to screen who’s at the door or gate without having to open it. You can also monitor selected rooms or areas on your premises not just open your door or gate remotely. Market developments have made sure that intercom systems are not only effective by allowing a variety of features such as video calling and internet connectivity but also stylish in their design and will fit unobtrusively in with their surroundings.

We can recommend and install the most suitable audio or video intercom system to suit your needs. Our technicians are experienced and able to recommend whether a wireless intercom system or a different solution is the right fit for your requirements and can advise you on integration options with other security systems.

Some of the systems we regularly install and maintain include Aiphone and bticino, and we provide professional services in the design, installation and maintenance of these leading brands.