Top Tips for Business Security Tech Solutions and Loss Prevention

With the ever-present threat of break-ins and vandalism, Coffs Harbour businesses must prioritise their security measures. No doubt integrating the right technologies, from alarm systems to CCTV and access control, can greatly enhance your security position. So, let’s dive into the essential security tech solutions every business needs to consider.

Security Tech Solutions – A Robust Alarm System

A modern alarm system works as a visual deterrent as well as a system to alert business owners and security companies of a possible issue. These days, most systems include exterior door alarms and interior motion sensors.

Leverage CCTV Surveillance

Next, let’s look at CCTV. Today’s CCTV offers high-resolution images and video, even at night. CCTV will deter a criminal just by its presence but they also record everything. This means you’ll be fully armed if you need evidence of a crime. Lastly, today’s CCTV technology offers real-time remote monitoring through smartphones or computers.

Enhance Entry Security with Access Control

Access control systems are your digital bouncers. They’re not just guarding the main entry but can also manage who gets to go where within your premises. By necessitating a code, card, or even biometric data for entry, you drastically cut down on the chance of someone sneaking in uninvited. Plus, they make daily access a breeze for your team.

Utilise Intercom Systems

Intercoms have been around for decades. Modern intercoms now offer video so you can see and talk to your visitors before allowing them entry. It’s a relatively easy system to install and will massively improve your premises security.

Incorporate Fire Alarms and Safety Equipment

In addition to fortifying your business against intruders, installing a fire alarm and equipping your business with fire safety equipment is vital. There are legal requirements in NSW so it’s best to seek the advice of a licensed fire safety business to ensure you’re up to code.

Choosing the Right Security Tech Solutions Provider

Finally, finding the right provider for your security needs is crucial. Look for fully licensed companies that offer comprehensive solutions. This means they install,  maintain and monitor your system. Essentially, partnering with a one-stop solution means your security systems will work together seamlessly.

Contact our friendly team of security experts at Harbour Fire & Security to discuss your security or fire safety needs.

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Top Tips for Business Security Tech Solutions and Loss Prevention

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