Smoke Detector Installation and Testing is Important

Smoke detector installation is required by law. A smoke detector must be fitted on every level of a home in NSW and the Coffs Harbour region. Not just homes, the regulations extend to any other residential and commercial setting where people sleep. Moreover, smoke detector installation and testing aren’t just about the law; they do save lives. In fact, a smoke alarm will provide valuable minutes to allow people to get to safety and for property to be protected. So, let’s look at smoke detector installation and testing in more detail.

Why is Smoke Detector Installation and Testing Vital?

When a fire starts in a residential setting at night, sleeping people can become unconscious from toxic smoke inhalation. Without a smoke alarm, they simply don’t hear the threat approaching. Plus, even if they wake up, it’s often too late to escape. Therefore, smoke detectors are designed to be sensitive to the tiniest amount of smoke. We know they’re a pain sometimes when making the morning toast, but they may save your life one day.

Smoke Detector Requirements

Having working smoke detectors on every level of your home is a legal requirement. Furthermore, some home loan lenders and insurance companies may require proof of their presence. These institutions appreciate the critical role of smoke detectors in reducing property and people damage. However, fitting smoke alarms is just part of the solution. Most alarms will have a test button. So, assuming you can safely reach it every month, try pushing and holding the button.  If nothing happens, there’s a problem with the power or the sensor itself.

Detector Replacement

Most smoke alarms have around a 10-year lifespan and are battery or mains powered. If you have alarms that are getting old, consider new smoke alarm installation before they start to fail. Plus, new smoke alarms offer more features. For instance, choosing an alarm with carbon monoxide detection capabilities is a good idea. Carbon monoxide is odourless and colourless and can have deadly consequences if inhaled for too long. Also, some later models even include smart capabilities such as monitoring via a smartphone. This connectivity can be handy for landlords to remotely check several devices, perhaps over numerous properties.

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Smoke Detector Installation and Testing is Important

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