5 Common Mistakes When Installing a Video Monitoring System

Installing a CCTV system as part of your security setup to protect your commercial premises in Coffs Harbour is a fantastic way to reduce both theft and trespass. However, setting up a video monitoring system may seem straightforward but it’s easy to make mistakes. Some of these errors seem obvious but you’d be amazed at the number of times they occur. Moreover, these mistakes can cost you time and money. So, let’s look into five common gaffes to avoid when installing your video monitoring system.

1. Video Monitoring System in the Wrong Spots

First things first, good camera placement is crucial. For instance, a camera may capture images by day but struggle at night if placed improperly. So, what’s the trick? Avoid spots where infrared light gets blocked or the camera faces too much reflection. Reflective surfaces or direct light sources can mess with your camera’s vision. So, point your cameras away from walls or glass that bounce infrared light directly back at them.

2. Leaving the Protective Film On

Here’s a simple but often overlooked step: removing the protective film. Cameras come with this film to prevent damage during shipping. Yet, it’s surprisingly common for installers to forget to peel it off. This oversight can blur your video quality. It probably happens because it’s best to remove this film once everything else is set up to avoid smudges or fingerprints.

3. Wasting the Video Monitoring System Camera’s Field of View

Maximising your camera’s field of view is essential when installing a video monitoring system. An angle that’s too steep might cut your view in half. To get it right, double-check and adjust the angle after mounting your camera. Also, use the mobile app associated with your camera to ensure the view isn’t too narrow or blocked by obstacles like branches or leaves.

4. Ignoring Distance Limits

Distance limits need to be factored in. For example, ethernet cables have a maximum distance of about 100 meters. Beyond this, you risk losing data and power. To extend this limit, you might need to enable specific settings on your video monitoring system or use PoE repeaters.

5. Forgetting to Waterproof the Cables

Lastly, never ignore waterproofing. Most camera cases are designed to keep water out, but the cables? Not so much. Exposed connections can lead to rust and failing connections. To prevent this, use electrical tape.

If you’d like a free quotation to supply and install a CCTV system to protect your business, contact our expert security team at Harbour Fire & Security today.

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5 Common Mistakes When Installing a Video Monitoring System

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